About Us

Perkskick is a free global online Social Marketplace offering skills, tasks and services. Perkskick is primarily used by Freelancers, Creatives and Professionals who are also known as Sellers, who offer services to customers worldwide. On Perkskick people get to use their skill or service to be paid for a job well done. Perkskick serves to allow listing and applying for small one-off jobs, work or projects online. Services listed are diverse and range from graphic designing, art design, web development, proof reading, etc. Sellers work in a variety of workplaces, ranging from office to at home.

Perkskick as an international online platform connects Clients (people who are hiring) and Sellers (Freelancers, Creatives and Professionals) from around the world. Perkskick guarantees Employers (Clients) that a job paid is a job successfully done, while Sellers that successfully complete a job get paid. Joining Perkskick is free, and as an international platform, anyone from any country can be a member.

To promote people from all over the world with different skill-set by giving them a platform to get hired, promoted and even be employed full time.  

Who are the Clients (Employers)?
Anyone can be a Client. Employers are simply the people who are looking for someone with a particular service or skill to hire. Anyone can be an Employer. Perkskick is definitely the place to come and have your tasks assigned to active Sellers who are always ready to complete your job.

Who are the Sellers?
Sellers (Freelancers, Creatives and Professionals) are people who have a skill or a service that they can offer to people who need them at a certain charge. They communicate with the people who need a job done. When they complete the job they’re paid. All this is done on Perkskick. Anyone can also be a Freelancer as long as you have a skill, profession or service to offer to the people. Joining Perkskick as a Seller does not mean you are employed by Perkskick, instead, you will be working as a freelancer. With that, you can work as much or as little as you want. At the same time, your potential for earning is also limitless since you can accept all the jobs you believe you are capable of completing, and get paid for them. You can actually become your own boss and an entrepreneur.

Can I be a Seller and Client at the same time?

Absolutely. You can also be a Seller and a Client at the same time. By signing up to Perkskick you can choose to become a Seller or a Client or use the same account to become both.


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